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 B Bea Beauty


Luxury Custom Facials/Waxing

Skin & beauty 

Sacramento Ca.

Esthetician / Lash Technician / Makeup Artist  


All services and appointments require a $25 deposit to secure your appointment. I will not confirm without the deposit. When you finished with your appointment I take cash and or Venmo/cashapp/Apple pay 

If you are looking for a subtle, simple, and a clean look with open beautiful eyes, without a dramatic affect classic lashes are the look for you. Includes: Cat eye, doll eye, open eye, natural eye services. Price ranges from $60-80

Hybrid eyelashes extensions are the best of both worlds which include a mixture of classic and volume lash affects. If you are looking for a bit more dramatic, but slightly less full. Hybrid extensions are right for you. Contact me if you have questions, we can easily have a conversation about what you are looking for. 
Included: Cat eye, doll eye, natural eye, and open eye effects (your choice) 
Price ranges: $70-100

Volume eyelash extensions include, both light volume, full volume, and even mega volume. Volume lashes include a fluffy and more dramatic affect. Volume lashes are easily customizable, contact for questions or consultation. Cat eye, doll eye, open eye
Price ranges: $75-110

I would prefer not to do any foreign fills, but we could make it work if you had an idea or what Curl type you had on your lashes as well and your lengths ❤️